Google Ads: Best Way to boost your business on Google

Digital Marketing industry growing day by day. Lots of people switching their business to online and lots of customers only prefer to search anything in google before going to buy anything. Google ads are one of the best ways to promote your business at the top of search engines. Also helps you to generate sales, increase your website traffic. A most popular way in the form of pay per click advertising for online business.

How Google Adword (PPC) Works:-

First, have to create a Google AdWords account on google ads. Then we have to complete all the formalities listed by Google and set up the payment method. After setting of payment method we move to the main part of ads that is ad creations. First, you have to go to the Google AdWords campaign section located at the left hand of the account after clicking this you have to add the new campaign by clicking on the plus sign.

Google ads campaignThere are lots of options comes like sales, leads, website traffic, Product & Band Consideration, Brand Awareness, App Promotions, create a campaign without goals guidance. You have to choose one of goal from here. After choosing any goal, then it’s said to choose what type of ads you want to run like search ads, display ads, video ads, shopping ad, or promoting any mobile app.

You can choose according to your niche or you want to promote. After that, create an ad group, give a name to that ad group. After creating ad groups enter the keywords related to your business Niche. Keywords also lots of type like broad Match keywords, Exact Match Keywords, Phrase match keywords

The exact match keyword which shows your ads on exact words match and keywords, write between brackets i.e. [Digital Marketing Company].

Broad Match Keyword in which your ad shows too many searches as possible. There is not any specific syntax to write the keywords like – Best SEO Services Provider

Phrase match keywords: It allows your ads to show only when someone’s searches exact phrase match of your keywords. And these keywords are written, between the colons””. Like “Best Web Development companyDigital Marketing company

After choosing keywords you have to create ads, where you have to add URL of a website or landing page URL and text which you want to show on your ads. And save and continue and then you can add extensions like site links, some info about a product or business, etc. Also chose the location, regions you want to run the ad. Google also asks about the cost you want to spend on your ads. You have to set the monthly spending limit on your ads as well as the daily spending limit. If you choose manual CPC then you have to enter your own CPC rates if automatically, then Google will adjust it to show you add to maximize users.

After completing all these steps, your ad can be checked and approved by Google, after approval that ad will run and shows to the user when anyone searches in google related to your niche.