7 Easy Steps of Website Designing Process


We live with the zeal to designing websites. A professional web design arouses the curiosity of the visitors to dive in further.


Whether you’re into construction, food & drink, education, or any such business. The site planning and design process are very crucial. 


We have a team that creates a website design that not only targets the maximum audience with its strong, unique, and flawless design but also provides a great opportunity to amplify your business by creating a more accessible, interactive, and user-friendly website.


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But first of all, we should know about what is Website designing. There are lots of professional web designing company. There are lots of free web design tools.

There are some simple Website Design steps:-



Doamain name

This is the first and important step in the website design process. The domain name should be specific and according to your services. The domain name should reflect your services or your product. This helps in the marketing.


First of all, choose the domain name of your choice. A domain name is the URL of your company. After choosing the domain name check the availability of the domain name you have picked out. If the name is not available try with the different extensions.


If still, the domain name is not available go to the autogenerated suggestions and pick the best one out.   


There are some important points to remember while choosing a domain name for your Website:-

  • Should be straightforward to recollect
  • It ought to contain the business name
  • The name mustn’t be modified often.


Web Hosting

After the selection of your domain name, The next step is to choose the host for your site.

There are lots of Web hosting companies. Check out their services. Some of them give free services and they also have paid services.


Choose a plan according to your convenience. Actually, there are lots of web hosting companies like Bluehost, Wix, GoDaddy, Hostinger, A2 Hosting, Stablehost.


  •  A web hosting company or a hosting service supplier is the company that stores your web site on a server and build it visible on the net and accessible to guests.


The platform or content management system (CMS) you decide on can offer you a framework of pages, galleries, and content spaces; primarily an entire web site, 

All you have got to try and do is add your media and custom content.


Depending on the platform you decide on, you may notice thousands of customizable themes and styles with completely different business models in mind at your disposal. Above that, you may have a protracted list of plugins that may offer add-on options to your website that really works for you, with all the helpful further options you would possibly like.


WordPress is that the most well-liked CMS, with over twenty-fifth of the websites running on the WordPress platform. With its easy-to-use interface, constant updates, and in-depth theme choices, this is often the content management system that we tend to suggest.


WordPress makes it terribly simple for anyone to start out and run their own website in an exceedingly totally practical means. it’s one in all the only platforms that you simply will use to form a website with no previous secret writing expertise.



The next step is to install WordPress for the website. The installation process depends on the selection of your host. If you are using Wix then you don’t need to follow this step. 


if you’re victimization Bluehost, provide an easy one-click WordPress installation that may have your web site prepared for personalization in five minutes. merely click the WordPress button from your Bluehost. 


There are paid as well as the free version of WordPress. Mostly the free version can fulfill your all needs.



It is the most important part of your Web Design Process. The template or the theme of your website helps you in SEO Marketing. A good website design helps in the local business Marketing.


While choosing the theme for your website there are certain things you should keep in mind. 


The theme should resemble your product or services.


While choosing a theme just check the color, Font, and other designing elements.

Most importantly read the reviews of the theme or of the template.


You can change your theme frequently. But try to avoid it, This will affect the SEO of your Website.




The next step is to install plugins on the website. Plugins are nothing but small and important applications that can be put in on your theme to supply more and important functions on your website. 


Most of the WordPress sites use these plugins. They provide more functionality to the Website. 


You can add different kinds of plugin. For example, if you want to install SEO Plugin:- 

  • Go to the plugin section on the left side of the dashboard. 
  • Click on the Add New button. 
  • Choose the plugin of your choice. 
  • Install it. 
  • After the installation is complete Activate it.

There are paid as well as free plugin available. If we talk about Free SEO Plugins Rankmath is the free SEO plugin available.



Now when you have done all the above things, now it’s time to load your site with suitable content. The content of your website helps you to attract the Audience.


 Content Marketing and Content Optimization is very important. These things help to achieve marketing goals


These were some simple steps to design your own website and make it functional. There are free web design tutorials available on the net. Above are the steps of the Website design process. The process of building a website don’t include only designing.


WProDevs offers you Website designing, Development, and Digital Marketing Services at a very affordable price. Above all, we offer you the best services. 


WProDevs creates websites that engage users. 

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