How To Get a Key or Target Audience For Marketing

Before you prepare any strategy on how to promote your business on Facebook or any other social media platform.

The first and important step is defining your target audience. Before starting any marketing campaign the first thing is to identify your audience. . Now the big question is What is the Key Audience or Targeted Audience? Who Is Your Target Market? 

Who is your Target Audience?


Target Audience

If you are using any social media platform for the promotion of your product or brand the first and important thing is who is your audience.

Any marketing strategy can not be designed without the information regarding your Audience. It is the key to any strategy. You have to be aware of what they want to see.

What Is Target Audience

The Target Audience or key Audience is the base of any social media marketing campaign. The Key Audience or Target Audience means the “specific group of people you want to reach with your social media channels or platforms.”

Finding a key audience means what kind of people are most like to be interested in your content or product.

For different businesses, the target audience may differ. It depends on the product of your organization. Not everyone is going to like your product so it is very important to identify your audience.

Most companies look at demographic information like Age, Location, gender, etc.

How to find your Target Audience?

Now when you know What is the target audience, the next thing is how to find Target Audience or How to define your target market.

For this, you must know how to target an audience? There are some Parameters or demographic information on the basis of which you can find your Audience.

  • Age 
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Profession 
  • Income or Earning 
  • Language etc.

How To Get a Key or Target Audience For Marketing


Demographic Information

You can make lists of the Target Markets. It will help you to find your audience. It is very important to find your Audience.

It helps to increase the sales of your product. Now for example, if you are a website designer or developer and you start a business that designs websites, your next step would be who needs websites or who wants websites to promote their business. E.g. WProDevs a Website designing and Web Development company.


If we talk about the age factor you don’t need to be too specific on this. You just keep learning in which decade of life your target Audience is in, or their generation.

It is very important and easy to identify the age group of your audience. It should be according to your product or services.


The second thing is where your audience lives? It means in which where in the world your social media audience lives. This information helps you to understand and decide which geographic areas to target.

How To Get a Key or Target Audience For Marketing



 It will also help you to schedule your posts ads and content. On the basis of this info, you can post your content when it will have the most impact on the audience.


The third thing is the Gender of your audience. This means you have to be clear about the gender of your audience.

This means which gender is going to like your product or services. Whether it is for males or for Females. You have to make ads and post according to them.

How To Get a Key or Target Audience For Marketing


Know your Audience

Interests and Hobbies

The next thing is the Interests and hobbies of your audience. What does your audience like to do.

What kind of TV shows do they like to watch? What their hobby is?  What do they like to search on the internet? From this information, you can segregate your Target audience and can make ads and content.


The profession of the audience also helps you to decide your Target Audience. What do people do? What their profession Is? With this info, you can easily identify your target audience, And you can make posts, content, and ads accordingly.

Income and Earning

Income and earning of the audience is also a very important factor. You can target the Audience on the basis of their family or individual income.

For E.g. If you are starting a marketing Campaign for costly products, You cant target a family or person whose income is quite low. You have to target that group of individuals who can afford to buy that product.


What language does your target audience speak? It can be one or more than one. It depends on the geographic location of your audience and of course on your product.

Don’t assume it’s your mother tongue or native language. And don’t assume that they speak the dominant language of their current physical location

These were some major demographic info on the basis of which you can identify your audience. It helps you to make your marketing campaign and also helps in Content Marketing.