Importance of Speed Optimization for a Website

You have created a website which looks fantastic with some good features. In Website Development some of  images and other functionalities used to give attractive look, which makes your website better. After finalizing website you live website and after some time you know that very less user visited to the website. So may you haven't tested the website with the aspects of users, speed, etc? Speed is one of the main factors in these days to get more traffic on your website. In these days everyone wants to increase the speed of their website. Everyone now’s fast website will load fast and user will visit that website which opens in seconds. In a fast internet era everyone wants to do all work online. And if [...]

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What is SEO? Types and Techniques of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process, technique to get the traffic, user for your website on the natural way. With search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckgo all search engines shows the website on first page which have organic traffic, high quality backlinks and following the guidelines of search engines. Types of SEO:- The Following types of SEO are done:- White Hat method Black Hat method Grey Hat Technique Negative SEO White Hat Method is appropriate and ethical way to rank website on search engines and it follows all the guideline of search engine. Black hat, Gray hat and Negative technique are used to rank a website in short period by doing spamming method. These techniques never follow the search [...]

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What is Digital Marketing? Why it’s important to grow your business online?

Digital marketing is the way to advertise your business through electronic devices or internet. For this we will use Websites, Search Engine, Emails and Social media channels connect with the various customers around the world. This technology helps your business to boost the sales, visibility over the internet and keeps live your business every time. There are lots of channels we use to advertise our business online. Such as Website, SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, Paid Marketing. Website: - Website is one of the best part to advertise your business 24*7. It keeps your business online and keeps informed customers about your products, services and the latest updates of your business. There is lots of CMS available, from which you can easily create websites, optimize and update easily. [...]

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Welcome to Web Development Company WProDevs

Looking for most excellent service within affordable cost - Contact WProDevs We are skilled in the most efficient technologies for the web. Our solutions are based on HTML, PHP, Ajax , MySQL Server, WORDPRESS CMS platform and the Thesis WordPress Theme. WProDevs is a brand with more than 500+ satisfied clients  

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