What is Content Marketing: Understand By taking an easy example

Content Marketing

The main and important thing which helps to realize your set goals is your content. The content should be consistent with the goals you’ve got defined. Only then you’ll be ready to achieve them.

Content Marketing Definition

“Content Marketing refers to creating and sharing the Important, relevant, and inline content to approach the audience And convert them into regular customers.” It helps to extend the sales of the merchandise.

First of all, you’ve got to come up with a content marketing strategy. Meaning you ought to have some awesome marketing ideas. Now on the basis of your ideas make a Marketing strategy.

Whenever we think about marketing the primary thing which strikes our mind is Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, etc.

When it involves social media marketing we will create the content in several forms. we will create posts, Blogs, Videos, Ads, Stories, etc.

When you run a content marketing campaign it’s very difficult to come up with new ideas and keep the momentum going.

There are tons of content marketing ideas. If you want to end up with a successful marketing campaign you have to make a good content marketing plan.


There are different sorts of content marketing you’ll use to market your product. Here may be a list of content marketing examples:



What is Content Marketing: Understand By taking an easy example

The word Blog springs from the word “Weblog.” Early internet users use to log in all Details of the day in diary style entries.

Blogging refers to writing, photography, videos, stories, and the other media that’s published online.

The content of the blog differs or varies significantly. It depends on the type of business you’re blogging for.

If you’re making video content there’s a special term for that “Vlogging.”

We can understand this by taking a simple example:

There are lots of companies that had marked their presence by blogging.

Blogging helps you get visitors’ attention with needful information. Here are a couple of samples of companies getting it right.


When you consider samples of content marketing done right, Hubspot’s always on the list. additionally, to making a free tool as a growth hacking strategy, Hubspot has used content marketing by:

  • Writing in-depth blog posts about the problems their visitors care about.
  • Creating an academic and content sharing hub, Inbound.org, and provides an excellent opportunity to market its certification and partnership programs.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an important part of Digital Marketing.

It is a part of Off-page SEO. Social media marketing is becoming a more reliable and effective tool to promote brands and businesses. Read More

What is Content Marketing: Understand By taking an easy example

Visual Content Marketing

Images are the lifeblood of social media. A study shows that tweets with images have a 65% better chance of being retweeted.

The next content marketing example shows how companies are using visual content marketing to extend visibility for their brand.


What is Content Marketing: Understand By taking an easy example

Zomato is a restaurant finder app and is available in 24 countries.

The corporate uses humor liberally in its marketing strategy. especially, it creates and shares images referencing popular culture.

They are simple, creative, and entertaining, proving that a minimalist approach can do the trick.

It must be working, because the company’s got 1.4 million followers on Twitter, and IM on Facebook, and there are 70 million monthly active user

Video Content Marketing

In this modern world, if you are not including a video comprehensively into your content marketing strategy then you’re missing out on a strong way to engage your audience.

What is Content Marketing: Understand By taking an easy example

As it is clear from the image that video content marketing helps you the most to engage the audience. Approximately 90 marketers use videos to engage their audience.

But first of all, you should know how to make good video content. There are certain things you need to keep in mind while making the video content.

For example All the promotional videos on different media platforms.

Here are some Quality points which should be a part of your video content marketing strategy:

  • Should guide and lead comprehensively through the buyer’s journey.
  • Should be based on the requirements and wishes of the audience.
  • Should be engaging and either useful, fun, or inspirational.
  • Should be distributed effectively to succeed in its audience.
  • Should be helpful to build a solid and consistent brand.

Ebook Marketing

What is Content Marketing: Understand By taking an easy example

Social media are often an incredible tool to make sure people know when your ebook is live.

Post about your book so your followers see your new book and use ads to grab the eye of individuals who won’t have heard your book. 

Ebooks can play a major role to raise awareness about the brand or your service. You can understand by the following example


If you would like to understand the way to use LinkedIn effectively, nobody’s getting to be more expert than LinkedIn itself.

That’s why the company’s ebook on its own approach to marketing with LinkedIn is such a winner.

These were some Content marketing strategies that can help to promote your business and to achieve your Marketing Goals.